With classes and seminars for everyone from home bartenders to whiskey nerds and new professionals, our classes are great for small groups, dates or learning on your own. If we don’t offer a class, feel free to request one. We can even bring the class to you.

Learn the history of the original cocktail! We’ll make several versions of this classic explaining the technique and origins of each.

The Art of the Old Fashioned

2 hrs

Cracking Coconuts

1-2 hrs

Learn to make your favorite tiki cocktails from scratch! Learn the Hawaiian traditions and method for cracking your very own coconut from Rob, a Maui native. Drink your tiki creation from a coconut cup!

The history of the Margarita and a flavor workshop where you’ll invent your very own flavored Margarita.

All the Margaritas!

1.5 hrs

Did you know that many of your favorite cocktails are all variations of the same drink? Come learn the formula for this mother cocktail and how to adapt it to make some of everyone’s favorite cocktails.

Daisies – The History Of the Sour and Its Many Forms

2 hrs

Boozy, sexy, straight from the show. Learn your favorite cocktails and what you need to bring them home!  Too bad they probably won’t let you drink them at the office anymore.

Mad Men Classics

2 hrs

Get in there and learn about cocktail creation technique. This one is for the bar nerds and home mixologists looking to take their cocktail development skills to the next level!

Inventing Cocktails, Methods, Techniques and Madness!

1.5 hrs

Learn about whiskies and their make ups through this comprehensive tasting workshop. We’ll teach you to differentiate flavor profiles, mash bill and proof and to use that to better understand and enjoy your favorite whiskeys.

Whiskey Tasting – Get to Know Your Grains!

1 hr

Get acquainted with the spirit of Mexico. From Oaxaca to Jalisco, we’ll teach you all about the different types of agave, distillation processes and flavor profiles that go into some of the best agave distillates.

Tequila and Mezcal tasting – For The Love of Agave

1 hr

Buy smart, getting rid of that old bottle the fun way, and must-have bottles.

Maximize Your Home Bar

1 hr

Home-Made Syrups and Tinctures

Single Cocktail Classes


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